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Houzz Leave Review Link Setup Guide

November 12, 2018

Why Locate Your Houzz Leave Review Page?

This page will help you quickly find your Houzz Leave Review Link url.  This is the page on that you would send customers to leave your business feedback.

The Houzz review link will look something like this:

Finding Your Leave Feedback Page

A Houzz Leave Review Link is a quick and easy way to drive more review, but you will gain a big advantage to connect directly to Houzz with a 3rd party reviews app. This will allow you to create more advanced ways of sending review invites to your customers, responding to their comments and gaining insight from data.

  1. Go to the
  2. Find your Professional Profile using the search function.
  3. Locate the “Review me >” link below your name.
  4. This brings you to your Review Me page, copy the URL from this page.
  5. Copy this link to use with your Get Reviews Up channel setup.
Get Your Houzz Review Link

Houzz Review Page Setup

Houzz Vendor Details Page

Houzz Leave Review Page

Top Uses For Your Houzz Review Link

Now that you know your Houzz review link, it’s time to put it to good use.

  1. Direct customers right to your review form so they can leave feedback while still at your location
  2. Share via social, email or embed on your website
  3. Leverage 3rd party apps like Reviews Up to optimize and convert more customer reviews than ever before
  4. Create custom “Review Link” signage for display in your office
  5. Add to your email signature
  6. Print on the back of your business card
  7. Add to print advertisements such as newspaper ads

What’s New With Houzz Reviews

Things have changed

  1. Can now add a Button into your Website
  2. More details added onto Review Form
  3. New Review Policy

Houzz ORM Guide

The following online reputation management guide was made available by Houzz, but has since been removed from their website.
Download Guide

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