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Review Page Link Setup Guide

Looking For A Leave Review Page Link?

As reviews drive more business and loyalty companies are sending customer traffic to their review pages. So the questions is, what are these review pages and where do you locate the page link to share with your current and future customers? This review page link guide will details many of the most popular social and local review channels and how you go about finding and managing these pages.

Why Take the Time to Get a Link?

You wouldn’t ask your customers to hunt and search for your products, so why do most companies expect customers to hunt and search for the correct place to Leave A Review on Google? As technology advances, many customers feel overwhelmed and frustrated with what should be the simple and easy process of leaving a review for their favorite business online. The answer to this problem is a direct URL link that can be circulated and takes your customers directly to the screen where they can write a Review for your business. Creating a direct path to the many social local review pages is the result that you want.

Save your customers time and energy, and allow them to feel the satisfaction of having done something good for a business they support.

How can getting reviews be simpler?

You may have had a rare customer in the past that said “You did such a great job, where can I leave a review for your company?” With a “Leave a Review Link” you can just send these customers a direct link to complete their review immediately in reply to their question via text message or email. Leaving your business a glowing review will not become yet another task that they have to get done, it will be a quick easy process that reinforces their belief that your business provides value to them and makes their life easier.

How can I use my Direct Link?

Having a direct link will allow you to drive customers to leave you reviews. You can send it the link directly to one customer, put it into your email newsletter to all of your list, post it on all of your social media channels, and even text message it directly during a conversation. When a customer sees this link multiple times, they will be subconsciously thinking “I should give them a review” even if they are not ready at that exact moment or have not bought from you yet.

Why am I not getting reviews now?

Many business owners complain that they asked for reviews, emailed out instructions, but never got any response. This could be either a timing problem or a process problem. Perhaps you sent the request out after a big event was already over and the excitement has died down. Or maybe you sent the request out in an email without a button or a link to where you would like the review posted. Another possibility is that you told them where to leave it, but they got confused once they got there and were quickly distracted into doing something else. Having a direct link allows you to remedy these issues, creating a smooth, quick process for getting your customers to Leave a Review on Google.

How can I best use my link?

Imagine how easy it would be to give you customers the review link when they are at your location, in a waiting room or at the counter of a retail shop. People love having the capability to immediately interact with a business on their device while they are at the location. Facilitating customer interaction with your business on their phone, while they are there in person, gives your company a cutting edge image. Having something to do breaks up the monotony and boredom associated with waiting or downtime in the buying process. Posting your “Leave a Review” Link on a wall or a counter is a great way to engage with your customers. The satisfied customer ca n type the link into their phone while finishing up their transaction or waiting for service to be complete, leave a review in less than 2 minutes stating why they are satisfied, and there is no chance that “Life will get in the way” of the process.

It’s Easy To Organize and Manage Your Company Review Pages

What Are Review Channels?

Review and feedback channels allow your customers to share their experiences (Good or Bad) with the millions of web, mobile and app users across the digital frontier. So it is important to know what these channels are and how they can impact your business for good or bad.

The following list of channels offer most businesses types multiple options for curating and generating reviews. Additionally, some businesses require vertical markets (Like Auto or Healthcare) to target to expand their social presence and gain better loyalty with customers.

Mainstream Review Channels:

Vertical Market Review Channels:

  • Automotive – Auto Trader
  • Automotive – Car Gurus
  • Healthcare – Health Grades
  • Healthcare – Vitals
  • Home Improvement – Houzz
  • Home Improvement – Angies List
  • Travel & Dining – Travelocity
  • Travel & Dining – Trip Advisor
  • Travel & Dining – Grub Hub

Are All Review Channels Created Equally?

The answer is No! For most businesses they only need to focus their efforts on the mainstream channels. These being Google and Facebook. However if your company also serves to a larger vertical market additional channels may be worth managing.

How To Find Your Company Review Pages

So now that you know what the most popular review channels are you need to see if your company is active and being used on one or more. For the most part it’s fairly easy to find and access these review pages, but locating the actual page links are some times tricky. To make it easy Reviews Up has created a setup guide for all of these major channels. We quickly detail and illustrate where to find your review page links so that you can leverage them using 3rd party apps like Reviews Up or to simply share vis social media or email.

Select a channel below to begin:

The Top 5 Uses Of Your Review Page Links

  1. Social Media – Random social post and sharing will get your more reviews
  2. Email – Embed in your email template to help drive review traffic
  3. 3rd Party Apps – Enter your information and the applications will do the heavy lifting
  4. Website – Add a custom page or create a widget for your footer area
  5. Business Cards – Adding short-links like to your company print materials can be effective